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Clear Aligners services offered in Keller, TX

Do you have misaligned or crooked teeth and desire a perfect smile? At Keller Smiles, experienced dentist Jeffrey Osborne, DDS, and his skilled team offer ClearCorrect™ clear aligners to help you achieve the beautiful smile of your dreams. Call the office in Keller, Texas, to schedule an appointment, or use the online booking feature today.

Clear Aligners Q&A

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners available at Keller Smiles use ClearCorrect™ technology to shift your teeth into an ideal position to perfect your bite and the appearance of your smile. Clear aligners are easy to use, comfortable, and highly effective for straightening crooked teeth without wires or brackets.

What are the benefits of clear aligners?

The main benefits of choosing clear aligners with the help of Keller Smiles include teeth that are straight and improvements in your bite (the way your upper and lower teeth fit together). You will also have teeth that are less gapped, easier to clean, and look flawless. Unlike traditional braces, you can take clear aligners out of your mouth to eat, brush, and floss. 

And because they’re clear and fit snugly over your natural teeth, most people won’t realize you’re wearing them.

Are clear aligners the right treatment for me?

To determine if you’re a candidate for clear aligners, the Keller Smiles experts examine your gums and teeth, review your oral health history, take dental X-rays if needed, and discuss your treatment preferences and desired results. 

They tailor a treatment that allows you to achieve the straight teeth and gorgeous smile you deserve. 

What happens during treatment with clear aligners?

Your dentist digitally scans your teeth and mouth to create clear aligners that fit perfectly over your teeth. After a dental lab creates the aligners, you wear them most of the day and at night when you sleep. Take the aligners out of your mouth to eat, floss, and brush your teeth.

Clean them with a specialized cleaning system or a toothbrush and toothpaste as directed by your dentist. Rinse the aligners with warm, but not hot, water before placing them back in your mouth. Switch to the next set of aligners in your treatment series as instructed by your dentist, and call the Keller Smiles office if your aligners get damaged or lost. 

How long will my treatment last?

You can expect a straighter smile in as little as six months when using the ClearCorrect system, but everyone has different needs. The length of time your treatment lasts depends on the initial alignment of your teeth. You can wear a retainer after you complete treatment to keep your teeth in their new position long-term.

To find out if you’re a candidate for clear aligners, call the Keller Smiles office or schedule an appointment online today.